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Von Der Nonke – Your Trusted Rottweiler Breeder in South Africa

We are a family owned Kennel that selectively breeds rottweilers for sound temperament, healthy bodies, intelligence, strong bones, and a true-to-form big head. Our clients range from first-time dog owners to expert breeders seeking a superior canine.

With KUSA-registered rottweilers that are vet-checked, dewormed, and microchipped: our commitment is to the long-term health of every dog that leaves us to your home.  

Our rottweilers belong to international and World Championship bloodlines that we have imported from leading German and Eastern European breeders. Over the years, we have refined our breeding process to preserve the resilient nature of the German rottweiler without sacrifice to health and conformation.

Our rottweiler puppies for sale are available for purchase nationwide. We are based just minutes from the King Shaka International Airport in the sugercane fields of KwaZulu-Natal. We look forward to hearing from you.

Why Choose Us for Your New Rottweiler Puppy?

Fully Licenced KUSA Registered Rottweiler Puppies For Sale

Purchase a rottweiler puppy that is officially documented and traced to its pedigree parents and bloodline. As an ethical rottweiler breeder in South Africa, we are a fully accredited member of the Kennel Union of Southern Africa (KUSA) and its wing, the Rottweiler Breed Council. We also hold a lifetime membership with the Natal Rottweiler Association. We subscribe closely to the standards of these organizations.

Complete Vetinary Checkup with Deworming and Microchipping

Dealing with a sick puppy can be incredibly stressful. This is why no rottweiler leaves us any younger than eight weeks old. By then, your new puppy has been fully vet-checked, dewormed, microchipped, weaned, and raised on a healthy balanced diet. The important vet card and microchip certificate is supplied with each puppy.

Hip and Elbow Dysplasia Screening

Hip and Elbow Dysplasia are genetic conditions that can impact any large dog breed, including rottweilers. To ensure the health and high breeding standard of our litters, our sires and dams are screened, x-rayed, scored, and certified in South Africa under the SAVA/KUSA Dysplasia Scheme. For more details, view the HD and ED ratings of our adult male and adult female rottweilers.

Lifetime Breeder Support

We believe that a good dog breeder is a valuable resource – Available to offer advice and helpful insights throughout your dogs life. At Von Der Nonke, lifetime support is a given when purchasing your new rottweiler puppy. Feel free to reach us via phone or email for advice on scheduling, training, diet, travel, and anything else that may come up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you dock tails?

We neither dock tails nor do we support this unfortunate practice. Tail docking is medically proven to be both emotionally and physically traumatic. Furthermore, doing so is illegal in South Africa and in conflict with the ADRK breed standard.

How can I get my puppy?

By appointment, you may personally visit, view, and pickup at our Kennel in the KZN North Coast. If you are further away in South Africa, we can arrange arrange a quick and efficient pet courier via road or air. In most cases, the rottweiler puppy will leave Durban and reach you comfortably within a day.

Our Rottweiler Breeding Process & Philosophy

A South African Rottweiler Breeder with a Foundation of Pedigree German & World Champion Bloodlines

We largely attribute the success of our Kennel to the genetic strength of our breeding stock. Over the years, we have imported prestigious and titled pedigree bloodlines from Germany, Serbia, and other countries in Europe. Our sire and dam imports feature the proven bloodlines of World Champions, German Champions, V-rated Winners, IPO-holders, Best Male, and Sieger/Siegerin Show award holders among others. 

Our pedigree bloodlines feature world the famous names of Majestic Rot, Vom Vilstaler Land, Flash Rouse, Vom Haus Zschammer, OD Stanimirovica, Vom haus Drazic, Von der Tonberger Höhe, Vom Weissen Schwan, and more.

Coupled with bloodline strength, we favour German-born rottweilers owing to the ZTP testing of the Allgemeiner Deutscher Rottweiler-Klub (ADRK). Globally, the ADRK has maintained the highest level of the rottweiler’s preservation, integrity, and betterment since the 1920s. (View our dog blog for more on Rottweiler History.)

The ZTP is the breeding suitability test of the ADRK. Compulsory for every potential sire and dam in Germany, each rottweiler is rigorously examined for appearance, conformation, character, temperament, type, and working ability. Rottweilers who fail cannot have their litters registered and are ultimately unsuitable for breeding. These parameters safeguard the original form and function of the rottweiler as a working dog. It promotes only the best breeding candidates, which is why we invest so much into selecting and importing rottweilers of these robust bloodlines for our breeding and Kennel.

Genetic Selection for True, Quality Rottweilers

A combination of research, science, and experience goes into our process of matching the right sire and dam for a breeding pair. Through examining what a line has produced in way of conformation and temperament, we gain an understanding of the dominant traits (both desirable and undesirable) a dog may pass over from the gene pool. We constantly strive towards producing the perfect rottweiler.

For protective drive, we believe in the power of the female line. Often, we match the lines of similar dams the same way, which tends to offer these dogs an edge in intelligence and breed standard conformation.

That said, we always avoid inbreeding. Whilst it can cement desirable traits (and is often cost-effective), we believe that the health of any dog should never be subjected to major risk. As a dog breeder, we want to ensure our rottweiler puppies for sale grow to have long and healthy lives with their new families.

Superior Puppy Upbringing with Socialization & Exposure Training

Setting a strong foundation from month one is vital for developing confidence and trainability in a puppy.

As a small rottweiler breeder in South Africa, this gives us time to personalize socialization and exposure training, as well as understand temperament for better placement.

Our puppies remain with their mother and littermates until eight weeks old. They benefit from natural nourishment but also learn pack structure, compliance, patience, problem-solving, communication, play behavior, and other social skills. Our puppies are developed to adapt and form strong bonds to your house and family within their first few days home. They grow to become sociable and loving, yet courageous, powerful, and composed with sound temperament.